Mizuno MP600 Driver

Published: 16th January 2012
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The 2007 Mizuno MP600 Driver is a very nice looking and stylish golf club. A club that has been used and trusted by the likes of Luke Donald.
Also sporting a massive 460cc head along with the looks, this is a Driver that is sure to catch most players attention. The lofts available for the Mizuno MP600 are 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degree.
The main feature of this the MP600 is the sliding weight system, which is designed to allow a player to set the club up for a Draw or a Fade bias.
On the sole of the head there are two 8 gram weights and six weight positions. The weights are pretty simple to adjust, with a wrench which is supplied with the mizuno mp600 driver .
With the help of the weight positions golfers are said to have around 13 yards of flexibility both ways, Fade and Draw.
As is common with a Mizuno Driver, a very large selection of shaft choices are available for this Driver. We opted for the Fujikura E360 stiff shaft with the 9.5 degree head when playing this club. Though there are many other options available to suit an individual golfers needs.
The weighting system in this club is definitely a bit simpler, and more user friendly in our opinion than in the case of the TaylorMade adjustable weighting system. Althought this probably isn't something that will bother most players who like adjusting their equipment.
Again like with any adjustable club, it's a case of trial and error on the range and in practice on the course, to get the right setting for the effect and shot type that you are after.
If you're a player who often struggles to work the ball then this would definitely a mizuno mp600 driver to try. We found the weighting system to be very effective, giving every player either a Fade or a Draw depending how they've set the weights.
No matter what you're swing you should be able to find a setting that gives you a certain shot type that you are after.
When we first set up to hit some shots with this club, it was noticeable that it was slightly heavier than most other Drivers, mostly due to the weighting system.
However we wouldn't say that it was too heavy, it's just a little bit of added weight that doesn't take long to get used to. The club also does set up behind the golf ball quite well, and looks good at address.
But something that was quite clear is that the Mizuno MP600 Driver is not the longest golf club ever. Alot of drivers from other manufacturers such as TaylorMade and Callaway certainly give you abit more yardage off the tee than what the MP-600 can.
However when adjusting the weights and trying different settings out, we noticed that the weighting system can actually affect the distance you get from the club, admittedly by only a small amount though.
Certain weight positions do give a slightly more powerful trajectory, though the difference again is not a great deal.
A decent golfer will still probably be able to hit this Mizuno MP600 Driver up to around the 250 - 300 yard range. But probably rarely beyond it unless you really catch one flush.
One of the other major factors in looking at a Driver is the accuracy and forgiveness, and that was the main area where this club excelled. If you get the weights just right for your swing, you can hit fairway after fairway.
What this Driver slightly lacks in distance, it gives it back with reliability and forgiveness. And as mentioned with the help of the weights, it is possible to slightly alter the trajectory, which is a very handy option to have when you regularly play in different and changing conditions.

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