TaylorMade R11 Irons Review

Published: 12th January 2012
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I have been fortunate to have had these irons in my bag for a few weeks as TaylorMade provided these at no charge at a recent launch event, looking for feedback. I've played 3 rounds and logged several hours on the range. With all the talk out there about these, I've been dying to give a little insight. Finally they've been announced, and I can, so on to the fun part! I've tried to put some of what I remember from the presentation I saw with my own opinions. My opinions are my own - TM didn't ask for a review - but they're really positive. I'm surprised at how much I like these. On the the TaylorMade R11 Irons Review!

My Game
I'm a shade under a 9 handicap. Good driving sets up my game for good scoring. Typical solid rounds are a lot of pars and some bogeys, limiting the damage to a double-bogey or two. 1 or 2 birdies a round is my average. I'm not a very high-ball hitter and prefer lighter weight shafts, but standard swing weight irons. I can effectively play 'off-the-rack' setups out of the box as they're very close to my actual specs. I've been playing TaylorMade MCs for the better part of the summer with success. I've ONLY played forged irons for several years because I LOVE forged feel. I've tried some cast clubs and disliked every one.

R11 Irons Tech Talk
A bit of inspiration for the R11 iron came from the CGB Max. Remember those? They were loaded with technology and also about $1300 new. A few years back, TaylorMade would perform full fittings for customers. They'd be all set and ready to order...and then they'd hit the CGB Max. A whopping 80% of those who hit the CGB Max ordered that instead, despite the higher price! The club just flat out performed. So, the goal is to create a more attractive club with CGB Max-type technology and better feel -- all at a $799 price point. A big task indeed. The resulting R11 Iron is a marriage of the Burner and Tour Preferred lines.

The set I have is off-the-rack: KBS 90 shafts, standard length, loft, lie. TM grip.

Let me reiterate that I have been playing the TaylorMade MC irons. I was fit for them. I bought them. I like them a lot. They're solid. I've tried Burner 2.0s and the feel/size of the club heads just weren't for me. These fall in the middle. If you like the Burner 2.0 concept but dislike their feel, these will surprise you. Not only do these feel nice for a cast club, but they have good feel overall. Frankly, I'm impressed.

Most surprising to me are the short irons. They feel solid and are very accurate. Turf interaction on dry and wet days has been great, and they're very consistent. I don't find them clunky, even coming from playing MCs.

Overall, the clubs just feel very solid. I feel like I can really hammer the ball, but the results will be positive. On poor swings, distance loss is more than acceptable -- I still found the green on numerous occasions.

The Grooves
Something I'm surprised TM did not mention in their webcast or tech specs are the grooves. The are not milled, but cast. This is odd, but it works. These irons impart a good amount of spin on the ball. The presentation I saw stated that on shots hit out of rough, the R11 irons put 1600 more RPM on the ball than Burner 2.0s. Pretty significant. On course, I can say that this is absolutely true. On shorter irons, a ball hasn't spun more than a few feet from its pitch mark for me -- most stopping a foot away. On longer irons, the spin / trajectory is excellent. The other day, I had 189, slight uphill to a back pin. I hit a smooth 4 iron that landed 189 and rolled out about 6 feet, still on the putting surface. Perhaps if you're a high spin player, this won't be what you're looking for, but for me this is significant, giving me more birdie chances.

These are longer than my normal clubs by about 1 clublength. I'd say the long TaylorMade R11 Irons are a bit longer than that, possibly a club and a half. I'd add a 3 iron if I could. I think it's easy to hit. With Burner 2.0s, every once in a while, there'd be that flyer that would travel 15 yards further on an dead, solid perfect strike. I have not experienced that with these. Distance is long and consistent.

The heads are larger than a typical players club. These are geared for scratch to 20 handicaps, so they will be larger than others. The heads are progressive in shape, but that's not noticeable when playing like Burners. The leading edge is sharper and there's less camber to appeal to a better player. I don't mind clubhead size as much as I do offset. The TaylorMade R11 Irons offset is less than I thought.

SO much has been made red weight. If there was a black weight in the port, it'd be end of story. Maybe 'Optimus Prime' Red (as my son says) isn't what everyone wants, but you don't see this from address and you haven't hit the iron yet. For me this is a non-issue.

One word: Fun. These TaylorMade R11 Irons are a lot of fun to play . You feel like you can go after it and hammer the ball with great results.

More information welcome to http://www.enjoymygolf.com

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