The Review of Callaway x vft hybrid

Published: 04th August 2011
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Callaway is a huge name in golf and they have created many top products including the Callaway x vft hybrid. These hybrids are made with a zero roll design so that golfers can hit higher and longer shots. They are considered an intertia driven club and are very playable for many types of golfers.

They offer a faster ball speed off the face and they are available in both a standard model and a tour model. These are designed to be a more forgiving hybrid and it was even said that they are more forgiving than your grandmother.

These hybrids are built with the standard Callaway technologies, which include the VFT technology that Callaway is using in many clubs now. This helps to increase the size of the sweet spot and allows for more distance off the club.

They are also built with a zero roll technology allowing for a higher launch angle even if the golfer hits the ball lower on the face than they would like. The standard model has more of an offset than the tour model and is built to help square the club face easier at impact. This also helps to instill confidence in the golfer at address.

With an increased sweet spot and zero roll design, getting the ball in the air from nearly any lie has never been easier. The advanced design of this club allows for maximum impact, square to the ball, thus increasing your accuracy and distance.

The price tag on these Callaway x vft hybrids is right about in the middle at $160 per club. This is about the expected price for any good name brand hybrid club and most of the top clubs cost even more than this. They price is fair considering this hybrid is built with the lady in mind and is made to make it easier to get the ball airborne and land it softer on the green.

These are designed with many new technologies and they are a very solid clubs delivering distance and forgiveness. The price is well worth the amount of club that you will be getting.

The ladies are a fun group to take out whenever we test clubs that are built specifically for them. We always have a diverse group full of many different handicaps. These ladies loved the Callaway x vft hybrid and commented on how easy they were to get through the rough.

They also liked the way they felt at impact. We tested the standard model with our higher handicap players and the tour model with the lower handicap player. They fit pretty well and most of the higher handicap players saw straighter shots. The lower handicap golfers loved that they tour edition was easy to work the ball with and very playable.

The Callaway x vft hybrid comes in two versions, the standard and the tour. This means that they fit nearly every lady that is out there. The standard is built more for the mid to high handicap golfer and the tour model is built for the more skilled golfer.

They have proven to be very easy to hit out of the rough and from tighter lies, which means they work for nearly every lady that decides to add them to their golf bag. Even beginners are able to hit these hybrids pretty well.

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