The Review of Mizuno MP-63 Irons

Published: 04th August 2011
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Would the MP-63 Irons, Mizuno's latest entry into the better player's cavity back market, live up to my gilded recollections of the MP-60? Let's take a look at Mizuno's new "Diamond Muscle" irons.
Mizuno claims that the MP-63 Irons are the evolution of the company's most popular tour iron the MP-62. Assuming you are not a tour player or top amateur, should you look farther down the Mizuno line for some more forgiveness?
Naturally, Mizuno is targeting lower handicaps with the MP-63 Irons. In the crowded MP line, the 63s occupy the slot between last year's MP-68 and the MP-58.The other new MP iron, the 53 provides the most help in the MP line, with even higher launch and more forgiveness. With four current MP models, Mizuno offers more options for better players than most other manufacturers.
Just because a club is targeted at "better" players does not necessarily mean that it has nothing to offer less skilled players. While some clubs will mask your mistakes more than a player's iron will, they also will resist most attempts at working the ball, even if you consider that an important part of your game or something you are trying to learn. It's the old debate of whether the MP-63 Irons are good for your game, which you can find debated time and again in the Sand Trap forum.
When it comes to selecting golf clubs, some introspection is in order. If practice is not part of your golf experience and you just want to play a weekend round from time to time, perhaps a game improvement or even max game improvement iron is the way to go. But if you are trying to get better or if you just enjoy hitting draws and fades to get around the course, there is no reason to deny yourself those experiences. It may cost you a stroke here and there, but they also might help you improve and being able to work the ball around trouble can come in handy from time to time.
While developing the MP-63 Irons, Mizuno tapped their tour team to blindly try out various new concepts. One of the primary design goals of the MP-63 was to improve on the feel and playability of the MP-62. So they copied the head size, top line, offset, and sole width, and then set to tuning the sound and feel and enhancing the grind to improve the irons' versatility in shot making. The former involves the aforementioned Harmonic Impact Technology, while the latter primarily has to do with the visible 360 grind on the trailing edge to improve turf interaction.
Mizuno MP Irons are typically among the prettiest golf clubs you can play, at least from a major manufacturer. The MP-63 Irons fit into that tradition nicely. From the thin top line to the clean soles sporting only the iron number, the MP-63s look all business, in the same way that a well-crafted bamboo fly rod does. The best always combine art and function.

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