The Review of Odyssey White Ice Mini T putter

Published: 04th August 2011
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The Mini T putter has got to be the most forgiving putter I have ever used. On top of that, the new softer golf balls coming out this year, feel really good coming off of the new firmer insert Odyssey has come out with for the entire White Hot Series. Let's just say that less than an hour before writing this review, I had just re-affirmed my love for the White Ice Mini T putter after a round of short game practice. Here's why you need to give this putter a serious look if you are in the market for a new putter, and sport a "Pendulum Stroke."

BALANCE: No question about it. Straight back and straight through is so easy with this thing it will make your head spin. That is because I have yet to stroke a better balanced putter--period. I had to switch back to the pendulum stroke after a very brief rekindling of the arc stroke, and an eventual hybrid adaptation between the two techniques. Sadly, the timing of the arc stroke is a very delicate issue that can vary from green to green, and from grass type to grass type.

As there are more moving parts to such a stroke, there are more timing issues involved, and to top it all off --my age continues to creep ever upward. "The Dreaded Yips" came back to haunt me. "Alas, Scotty Cameron Putter, I knew it well." Back to pendulum strokes and mallet putters for me. They may lack the finesse of blade putters and delicately executed arc strokes, but a well balanced mallet and the ease of a piston-like back and forth movement take a lot of variables out of the equation. How balanced is this Mini T putter? Let me repeat--over 60% of the 20+ foot lag putts dropped. The 12 out of 18 actually adds up to 66%. Of the six others, 2 rimmed out, 3 were within 3 feet, and only one was a total--"Gotta hit the ball Alice" miscue, where I left the ball over 4+ feet short.

DISTANCE CONTROL: There is more than just balance when it comes to distance control, though distance control is absolutely unobtainable without it. In addition, the feel of the insert, be it polymer, metal, polymerized metal, or even just straight ahead milling of the face itself, is of major importance. Especially with today's tour level balls, where softer feel and clinginess are often confused with less "POP" off the face, and are therefore often misinterpreted as offering less distance. The putter must be able to communicate both the feel of the ball itself, and the rebound at impact, while maintaining a balanced position throughout the entire stroke.

This Mini T putter makes distance control an absolute piece of cake. The firmer insert is not only tuned mechanically for distance, but audibly as well. I'd venture to say that tuning forks and frequency tuning were actually used when designing this one. There is a subtle yet distinct "PING" when nailing the sweet spot. This acts as the perfect audible cue, and the firmer insert, when combined with today's softer balls, makes for pretty easy recalibration of the stroke when switching between Bermuda and Bent Grass greens.

OVERALL: I really don't want to sound like one of those folks who go out and buy a new club, and then runs to the nearest golf review site in order to type some re-affirmation for themselves, their egos, and their wallets. That's why I've waited for a long time before typing this Odyssey White Ice Mini T putters. I traded several clubs in for this one, after having tried and re-tried it on the practice green over a period of several months. Since that time I have now been playing with this Mini T putters for a couple of months. So far I am satisfied with it.

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