The Review of Taylormade R7 Draw Irons

Published: 04th August 2011
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The new Taylormade R7 Draw Irons are the latest distance innovation from TaylorMade. Engineered with the same Inverted Cone Technology that has made their drivers #1 on Tour, these irons feature Draw Weighted Technology to remove weight from the cavity area at the toe and position the CG back and closer to the heel. An expanded COR zone provides increased yardage, especially on mis-hits. This revolutionary design makes the new r7 Draw irons more forgiving and more workable than ever before.
More power and superior ball flight for more distance.
Draw-Weighted Technology helps square the clubface fast at impact to promote a Draw Irons by moving weight from the cavity area at the toe, moving the CG back and closer to the heel.
Ultra-deep and wide cavity creates super-low and deep CG for high launch and long carry.
Wide and cambered sole glides over turf to increase playability from all types of lies.
Inverted Cone - Higher COR and ball speed on mishit
Unique dampening web soaks up harsh vibrations.
Maximum Offset - Makes it easier to square the face at and through impact
Shaft - TaylorMade T-Step 90 Steel TaylorMade REAX 55 Graphite
Grip - TaylorMade Arrow Reminder Grip
Handicap - Mid-High
Draw Weighted Technology
By moving discretionary weight from the toe to the heel, the R7 Draw Irons are easier to square at impact.
Unique dampening web combines the latest materials with advanced construction to reduce harsh vibrations upon impact.
The Draws allow me to hit it higher and longer than my old Bobs and old, old Lynx USA's. Even missing it a bit to the toe or heel still gives me a pretty straight shot, and I am penalized much less severely with a fat hit.
Frankly it is pretty hard not to hit these anything but straight unless you really try. It is easier to hit a draw than a fade, but I was never very consistent at either so I don't often try.
I like the soles a lot. Not just with the long irons, but around the greens as well. They just don't get hung up in the grass. They're not that much wider (less than 1/4" on the 7 iron compared to my old blades), but if you like to cut deep square divots they're most likely not to you. For me, my chipping and pitching is a lot more consistent (especially from the rough), and I can really open the face of my wedges to really pop it up without the fear of bouncing the club into the ball.

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