What Golf Equipment Does A Beginner Need?

Published: 11th January 2012
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When it comes to golf equipment youíll be forgiven for being overwhelmed at the number of clubs and other golfing attire to choose from, especially if youíre a beginner. Here are some suggestions to help a beginner to choose the right clubs.
Beginner golf clubs

For any beginner, picking up a half set of golf clubs is a great start. Make sure that you have a wood, some irons and a putter. These clubs are used during different parts of the course, and so itís best to familiarise yourself with them as theyíre fundamental to getting the golfing basics correct.

Your Ping G20 Fairway Wood is used to literally drive the ball off the tee at the start of a particular hole. Using a 3 wood or a 5 wood is a great starting point for any beginner. Next you have your PING G20 Irons, which are used to strike the ball further towards the pin; they can also be used to hit the ball off the tee, depending on the length of that particular hole. Itís best to start with basic irons such as 5, 7 and 9. Many beginners may find hitting with higher numbered irons easier, so start with these and work your way down. You also need to get familiar with a pitching wedge; this is an excellent club to hit approach shots or smaller distanced shots. Finally, make sure you have a putter; once your ball has hit the green, from here you can use your Ping I Series B60 to get the ball into the hole.

Type and size of golf clubs

The one thing that youíll want to make sure with your first set of golf clubs is that they have an oversized head. Oversized PING G20 Irons have a larger sweet spot, which will help you consistently hit the ball and give you maximum forgiveness if youíve slightly mishit your shot.

In terms of the brand, at this stage it really doesnít matter. As long as theyíre in good condition and not bent or misshapen, then youíll be fine with any golfing brand. Itís only once you have been playing for a while and have obtained a relatively consistent address position, posture and swing that youíll need, or want to change.

The main difference between child and adult beginners will be the size of the PING G20 Irons. You can pick up childrenís sized clubs in any good club store, or online for the very best deals. Likewise, adult clubs are also very easy to find, and are arguably more readily available.

Other equipment

Remember that youíll need a bag to carry around your clubs and a trolley if you donít want to lumber around the course carrying your clubs. Also make sure you take a towel with you, this will help to keep your PING G20 Irons in good condition if your clubís head has mud within the grooves. Itís also great at drying off the handle of your club if itís particularly wet.

Youíll also need golf balls and tees; the type of balls you use to start with are not that important, as long as theyíre in good condition and arenít split then any type of golf balls will be fine. In terms of tees, there are various sized tees to choose from. Large ones are great when using a driver and smaller ones are better when teeing off with PING G20 Irons or a pitching wedge (for smaller sized holes).

The final thing to consider is a golf glove; this will help you improve your grip which is essential when trying to keep your shots straight. Once you have got to grips with the basics you can then start to add more clubs and other equipment into your game; good luck and happy golfing.

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